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Child Supplemental Security Income FAQ

Obtaining child supplemental security income (SSI) isn’t easy. It requires an understanding of eligibility, medical documentation, and the application process. To help more parents on their path to recovering the child SSI benefits they need, our social security disability attorneys have put together this handy FAQ.

Q: Is My Child Eligible for Child SSI Benefits?

To qualify, a child (under 18) must have a physical or mental impairment, which “results in marked and severe functional limitations.” Additionally, the condition must be medically verifiable and typically requires extensive documentation from medical professionals.

Q: Does My Child Need a Permanent Disability to Apply?

Your child does not need to be permanently disabled to receive SSI assistance. The Social Security Administration only requires that the impairment is expected to last (or has already lasted) at least a full year.

Q: What if My Child Is Blind?

The Social Security Administration specifically names blindness as eligibility criteria for SSI. Blindness does not only refer to a lack of vision, but also severe visual impairment. Even children who do not meet the exact definition for blindness may be eligible for child SSI benefits.

Q: How Long Will It Take To Get a Decision?

In general, the state agency can take 3-5 months to decide whether your child meets eligibility criteria. However, severe medical conditions such as total blindness or deafness, cerebral palsy, downs syndrome, or extremely low birth weight may qualify for immediate SSI payments for up to six months.

Q: What are Compassionate Allowances?

If a child is diagnosed with certain cancers orrare and severe disorders (such as Progeria or Epidermolysis Bullosa), they may qualify for Compassionate Allowances. This program helps people who would be eligible for social security income receive their benefits as soon as possible.

Q: What Expenses Does Child SSI Cover?

For the most part, the use of SSI funds falls into two categories. They can be used for the child’s needs and comfort, or they can be used to cover debts and medical bills. If you’re unsure how best to use your monthly child SSI payments, you may wish to consult your social security disability attorney.

Q: How Do I Apply for Child SSI Benefits?

Applying for child SSI benefits requires two things: A Child Disability Report and an Application for Supplemental Security Income. That said, applying for Child SSI isn’t easy and usually requires substantial medical documentation. A skilled attorney with experience handling social security disability cases can give your child the best chance at recovering the benefits they deserve as soon as possible. It’s never too early or too late to file your claim.

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